Issue is an incoming query from your Customer, usually via email or from the “Contact” section of your website. (To fully integrate the Support Ticket to email, see the Email Settings section).

Tip: A dedicated support Email Address is a good way to integrate incoming queries via email. For example, you can send support queries to Techstation at and it will automatically create a Issue in the Techstation system.

Support > Issue > New Issue


Service Level Agreement

  • If Service Level Agreements are enabled, you can track it in Issues.
  • Every Issue will have a Time to Response and Time to Resolve within which you have to Respond and Resolve the Issue.
  • You can change Priority in order to escalate the priority of the Issue. The priorities need to be specified in the Service Level Agreement.
  • If by any chance you feel like resetting Service Level Agreement, you can do so by clicking on the 'Reset Service Level Agreement' button in Issues shown as follows:


Discussion Thread

  • When a new email is fetched from your mailbox, a new Issue record is created and an automatic reply is sent to the sender indicating the Support Ticket Number.
  • The sender can send additional information to this email.
  • All subsequent emails containing this Issue number in the subject will be added to this Issue thread.
  • The sender can also add attachments to the email.

Issue maintains all the emails which are sent back and forth against this issue in the system so that you can track what transpired between the sender and the person responding.


  • When a new Issue is created, its status is “Open”, when it is replied, its status becomes “Waiting for Reply”.
  • If the sender replies back its status again becomes “Open”.


  • You can either “Close” the Issue manually by clicking on “Close Ticket” in the toolbar or if its status is “Waiting For Reply” .
  • If the sender does not reply in 7 days, then the Issue closes automatically.


  • You can allocate the Issue by using the “Assign To” feature in the left sidebar. This will add a new To Do to the user and also send a message indicating that this Issue is allocated.

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