Using Techstation

We live in an era when people are very comfortable communicating, discussing, asking, assigning work and getting feedback electronically. The Internet acts as a great medium to collaborate on work too. Taking this concept into ERP system, we have designed a bunch of tools whereby you can Assign transactions, manage your To Dos, share and maintain a Calendar, maintain a company wise Knowledge Base, Tag and Comment on transactions and send your Orders, Invoices etc via Email. You can also send instant messages to other users using the Messaging tool.

These tools are integrated into all aspects of the product so that you can effectively manage your data and collaborate with your co-workers.


  1. To Do
  2. Restore Deleted Docs
  3. Document Versioning
  4. Collaborating Around Forms
  5. Chat
  6. Notes
  7. Calendar
  8. Assignment
  9. Tags
  10. Desktop
  11. Keyboard Shortcuts
  12. Access Log


  1. Check Link Between Documents
  2. Delete Submitted Document
  3. Duplicate Record
  4. Adding File As A Attachment
  5. Merging Documents
  6. Bulk Rename
  7. Renaming Documents
  8. Search Filter
  9. Tree Master Renaming
  10. Letter Head In The Report
  11. Copy Pasting Multiple Records From Excel
  12. Global Search
  13. Adding Attachments To Outgoing Messages